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Obama urged to Push for Democracy in Muslim World PDF Print E-mail

Press Release
Courtesy of Islam & Democracy Org.

Bi-Partisan Group of Prominent Scholars and Experts Urge President Obama to Make Democracy in the Middle East a Top Priority. Founder of Al Waref Insitute, Marah Bukai, Added the institute's support to the letter.

Darfur Crisis: Peace or Justice? Print E-mail

by Youssef Wardany
Exclusive for Al Waref

The crisis in Darfur has become a landmark case in the history of criminal law. For the first time, the United Nations (UN) Security Council has referred a situation to the International Criminal Court (ICC), accusing the president of a sovereign country of committing genocide and war crimes.

Discipline with Murder and Torture is a High Price for Women to Pay Print E-mail

Courtesy of Land Center for Human Rights
On the occasion of the world day for women

The Land Center issues a new  report deals with the monitoring incidents of violence against women published in the press during the second half of 2008 .

An End of an Era: A Reversal of the Pre-Emption Policy Print E-mail

*by Mohammed Aljbaili, J.D.
Exclusive for Al Waref
U.S. President Barack Obama inherited some monumental problems, from the previous Administration, which require immediate attention.

The American Awakenings Print E-mail

by Marah Bukai
Exclusive for Al Waref

“The war on terror” allowed for a qualitative deviation from internal and external policy throughout President Bush’s two terms of office, during which time, this slogan was used to permit him to stray from his international obligations.

Marah Bukai Featured in “BEST OF DC” 2009 Book Print E-mail

 "Marah! Your illustrated success-story is in BEST OF DC its truly inspiring and inspirational", said publisher Mathew Christian Davis.
 View the book  in full screen at:

What would Happen if Muslim Brotherhood Movement Gains Office? Print E-mail

by Dr. Ahmed Saad*
Exclusive for Al Waref

If one wondered what would happen in Egypt, Jordan, Syria or any other Arab countries if the Muslim Brotherhood or a fanatic Islamist group gains power, even through the democratic process, one could look to the model of the recent war in Gaza.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: an electoral cycle of violence? Print E-mail
Emmanuel Martin

by Emanuel Martin & Tom G. Palmer 
Exclusive for Al Waref
Translation Editor: Jennifer Young

The bombing and other military actions on the Gaza Strip brings a question to the table: Why cannot Palestinians and Israelis resolve their conflict? Who is at fault? Is it only that Hamas has refused to renew its ceasefire after six months of inactivity and military policy? Is it that Israel did not initiate steps for negotiation during these six months? Or are there also deeper causes?

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