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A Deed of Trust between the People of Iraq and their Government PDF Print E-mail

by Dr. Mohamad El-Tai*
Exclusive for Al Waref 
We, the people of Iraq, (hereinafter referred to as the “First Party”) announce the need of a government (hereinafter referred to as the “Second Party”) consisting of professional technocrats to administer the affairs of the Constitutional Republic of Iraq.

Civil Society in the Arab World: The Missing Concept PDF Print E-mail

Civil society has recently gained importance. Its legal as well as material influence has increased, and much Arab study and research have been devoted to understanding the nature of this society and identifying its characteristics. Although some have reacted with skepticism to the sudden increase in Arab interest in this sector most researchers agree that the civil society has an important and active role to play in the Arab world. Some studies even have introduced definitions of civil society from outside the Arab world. These studies evaluate the elements and characteristics of civil society in the Arab world as they measure up to western standards and ideals.