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by Dr. Mohamad El-Tai*
Exclusive for Al Waref 
We, the people of Iraq, (hereinafter referred to as the “First Party”) announce the need of a government (hereinafter referred to as the “Second Party”) consisting of professional technocrats to administer the affairs of the Constitutional Republic of Iraq.

The governing professionals must abide by constitutional standards of equality of citizenship and implement throughout Iraq sustainable developments free of any bias, hypocrisy, and corruption.
The "second party” hereby pledges to develop the nation-state of Iraq within the four-year duration of this contract.  In the event the “Second Party” fails to honor its obligations according to the terms of this contract, leading officials of the “Second Party” will be required to submit their resignation and offer a formal apology to the Iraqi People – broadcasted and published throughout the Iraqi media.
The “First Party” reserves the right to hold the “Second Party” liable for compensations. The “First Party” is entitled to choose another government for the implementation of the terms of this contract. The “First Party” holds the legal right to enforce this contract and take the “Second Party” to court.
The “First Party” has the right to supervise and monitor the execution of this contract, via the official and non-official establishments (e.g. Unions, confederations, cultural organizations and Civil Society Organizations; with the aid of the independent and non- independent media).
The People of Iraq have the right to resort to the law within a period not exceeding one week, if and whenever the “Second Party” willfully fails to fulfill any part, however small, of the execution of any project, in any Iraqi governorate. The People of Iraq could hold public trials and call upon those who violate the people’s trust to appear before such courts.  If the violaters fail to appear, then the trials can proceed without them and the findings will be publicized through the media and in the official and non-official newspapers.
The sentences passed are to take effect and carried out within one week of them being made public. The courts’ rulings are not subject to appeal.
The “First Party” states that the estimated cost of re-building and developing the nation-state of IRAQ is fifty Billion U.S. Dollars per year.  The actual cost will certainly exceed this amount and will be taken from the revenues of the Iraqi People generated from the OIL deposited under their country’s soil.  There is no need for foreign “assistance” aimed at indebting and enslaving our people.
The parties willing to take part in this contract have to submit their offers in open envelopes. The results will be announced after the coming parliamentary elections.
Whoever finds himself or herself qualified to abide by this contract with the Iraqi People in order to form a Constitutional Government, whoever considers himself or herself fit to play a role in the composition of the “Second Party” under this contract, that citizen must submit his or her autobiography, outlining the expertise, specialties and previous experiences qualifying him or her to fulfill the terms of this contract as stipulated by the “First Party.”  Potential members of the “Second Party” may add new terms, as long as these terms do not violate this contract, public laws, or the Iraqi Constitution.
The “First Party” imposes on members of the “Second Party” that they must be Iraqi citizens known for their good conduct, high moral values, and innocent of any financial or administrative corruption. They must also pledge not to use their governmental position to pressure the courts or to delay the execution of service projects that the Iraqi People deserve and have been patiently waiting for.
All Citizens of the Constitutional Arab Republic of Iraq agree to the followings:
1. All citizens of the Constitutional Arab Republic of Iraq shall enjoy equal rights regardless of their religion, sect, tribe, home-town, or political inclination. 
2. Every citizen of the Constitutional Arab Republic of Iraq pledges not to encroach on other persons or their property.


*Dr. Mohamad El-Tai hold a Ph.D in communication. Currently he is the genaral manager of AlFayhaa TV station based in Iraq.



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