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The Distress of Iraqi Prostitutes in Syria PDF Print E-mail
Potential prostitution customer watches some Iraq women joylessly dance under the clubs lights.

Al Waref Institute's Focus

“Women's Rights Are Human Rights”-- Famous Speech by Hillary Clinton, Beijing, China, the 5th of September,1995.

Syria has accepted between 700,000 to over a million refugees from Iraq who are fleeing ongoing ethnic and religious violence.  Syria does not legally permit its Iraqi refugees to work. Many of these refugees are women who have turned to one form of work, albeit illegal, in order to survive and support their families -- prostitution.

Watch this brief documentary by Journeyman Pictures on the plight of these women. (offsite)

              Iraqi Prostitutes: Syria - by Journeyman Pictures 


For additional coverage:

"Desperate Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria" by Katheri Zoepf, New York Times

"Unveiling Iraq's teenage prostitutes" by Joshua E.S. Phillips,



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