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AlWAref Exclusive
Poem by Nelly Mouawad
Nelly Mouawad was born and grew up in Lebanon. She finished her studies in physics at the Lebanese University,before leaving for France where she obtained a masters degree in Astronomy. She then moved to Germany to pursue a PhD degree in the same field. She is currently a research associate at the University of Maryland College Park.

Lonely but lovely
Left but kept
She remains

Dreaming mildly
Swinging happily
Growing beautifully
Laughing vividly
Bursting fiercely

Loved lovingly
Embraced warmly
Caressed tenderly
Touched eagerly
Kissed passionately

Dancing gracefully
Singing constantly
Shaking bodily
Moving moderately
Feeling homely

Thinking closely
Sensing remotely
Imagining sadly
Affected badly
Forgotten easily

She becomes
Lovely but lonely
Kept but left

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