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A Poem by Saleh Majeed
AlWaref Exclusive

English translation by Marah Bukai, edited by Diacorda Amosapa

Who said that Mr. President was a tyrant?
Who said that the great leader was unfair and cunning?
Who said that his reign has vanished
leaving only memories of agony?
Mr. President has never left
nor has his surreal era expired
Yet he has gone without return
and became a Permanent Member
of the Devilry Council!
* * *
Hitler has ended in Hell
and the country cheered
from north to south
from east to west.
Gehenna has rejoiced
and hellfire has celebrated.
* * *
Hitler has faded 
from our country and skies
from our air and soil
from our weeping prairies
from our fields and rivers
from our bread and tea
from the books of students
from the children's playgrounds
from the parks of lovers
from the offices of State
from the ruins of homes
from our bleeding hearts.
* * *
The Nazi has disappeared from our country.
The tyrant vanished.
All love birds in our sky
deny this tyrant
All the sweating sickles in our fields
deny this tyrant
The sun, the rivers
The mountains, the plains
The hammers of laborers
The gossip of women
The eyes of children
All are denying this tyrant
So God in His sky
denies this tyrant
The Nazi has been uprooted
will never come back
To Germany!
* * *
Nothing in our country
Is more cruel than the tyrant
Poverty and pain
Are less cruel than the tyrant
Living in tents
is less cruel than being in the hands of the tyrant
Death, though ugly
is fairer than the face of this tyrant
Even bereft of livelihood
Even the bombs that frighten
Even the invaders' armies
Are less cruel than the tyrant
The invaders must eventually leave
Yet the tyrant never wanted to leave!
* * *
Hitler has vanished and went to Hell
O what joy and dreams he demolished
How many ideas he slayed in their sleep
How many worthless wars he waged
One war concluded
Another declared
lasting for months
a year
or four
maybe eight…
An idiot at war, helpless in peace
Yet skilled in skewering the country!
* * *
The tyrant drowned us in a sea of brazen myths and morphine
Proclaimed the country was great and vibrant
And we are equal under his shadow
Like dummies
However, this vibrant country
was a buried furnace
A sealed vault
A ruthless prison
We never enjoyed the clear sky
nor the light breeze
Our poverty persisted, our hunger lingered
our grief remained
Pens censored
Dreams forbidden
His paradise he razed into a parched land!
* * *
No one dared sneeze
In the presence of the tyrant
If we dared to weep in secret
he would crush us in public
If we dared to complain of his suppression
he would sever our tongue, hand and foot
in an instant
If we condemned his injustice
he would declare us traitors
How unfair the rulers
who would turn all his people into traitors!
He is the tyrant of tyrants
No one could be worse than him
Worse than Holako, Al Hajjaj or Moawia
* * *
Hitler is gone and has arrived in Hell
Yet he left behind his gangs
Ready to eradicate the sun, land and people
In the name of God and Jihad
Ready to eat our flesh
filch our milk
and tan our skin
like cattle!
* * *
Hitler has gone
Yet he left a legacy of revenge and hate
He poisoned each innocent flower
He poisoned each smile
He poisoned even our prose
He poisoned each syllable in our poems
He poisoned all rhymes!
* * *
The tyrant was never a tailor
yet he shredded us
into shabby rags
The tyrant was never a doctor nor surgeon
yet he was a professional
in bloodletting
The tyrant was never a boxer
yet he pummeled his people
with an Iron Fist!


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