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Ferial Masry to Build the Cultural Bridges PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 00:00


Al Waref Figure of the Month

Ferial Masry has been selected by Al Waref Institute as the Figure of the Month of September for her civic activities to spread the spirit of community and to foster an environment of civic engagement.

Ferial Masry is a 30-year resident of the 37th Assembly District. During her time as a resident of the District, she has been a small-business owner, author of an internationally-renowned book about her life, lecturer and she is presently a public school teacher. Ferial is passionate about civic participation in government; she believes it is her primary purpose to better the lives of those in her community. She believes that public safety, good schools, a clean environment and sound government are the key to California’s future.

Ferial was born in Saudi Arabia in an era when girls were not permitted to receive an education. When Ferial was 10 years old, Ferial’s mother moved her and her sisters to Egypt so they could receive an education and have an opportunity for a better life. In Egypt, Ferial completed her education at the University of Cairo, that nation’s premier university, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Ferial and her husband moved to California in 1979 and opened a small business in the 37th Assembly District. After a successful career in business Ferial’s passion for helping others called to her and she was compelled to change her career. Ferial went on to earn a Master’s Degree in School Administration from Cal Lutheran University and a Teaching Credential from California State University at Northridge. Ferial currently teaches classes in Government and History at Cleveland High School in the San Fernando Valley.

Ferial has three children, all of whom have been aeducated at public schools here in Southern California. Her oldest son is a veteran who recently completed a tour of duty in Iraq with the United States Army, Civil Affairs Unit, rebuilding schools, hospitals and infrastructure for the Iraqi people. Ferial’s efforts to bridge cultural divides have been widely recognized. She has spoken at the Jeddah International Economic Forum, joining such notable figures as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. Because of Ferial’s unique personal history, experience and perspective, she has been featured as the Person of the Week on ABC News with Peter Jennings, and has been profiled in numerous local, national and international publications. Ferial works every day to improve the lives of those around her, giving of herself to those in her community. She has been recognized for this civic activism by numerous organizations and she works with community organizations throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties to spread the spirit of community and to foster an environment of civic engagement.

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