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Marah Bukai Featured in “BEST OF DC” 2009 Book Print E-mail
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 "Marah! Your illustrated success-story is in BEST OF DC its truly inspiring and inspirational", said publisher Mathew Christian Davis.
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The poet, researcher, and journalist Marah Bukai was selected by the publisher of the “Best of DC" book to be featured among the celebrities and prominent figuraes of Washington DC, through “Honorable Mention” pages of the book.

The selection of Bukai is based to her remarkable achievement in academic, cultural, and media research, and as recognition of her distinguished role, through her professional life, to bridge understanding and dialogue between the United and the Arab and Muslim worlds.

In his introduction to these pages, Mathew Davis, Managing Director of Global Village Publishing & Media, says:” This unique publishing project is a collective effort of idea sharing, content management, and based on hundreds of meetings from May 2007 to November 2008 with subject matter experts and recognized leaders in various industries. Their constructive comments, concerns, criticisms, and compliments helped in the building and rebuilding of this continuously-evolving project. Our interviews with them (via personal meetings, telephone conversations, and written correspondence) helped us understand the difference between ‘Leaders and followers”.

Marah Bukai is an Arab American poet, writer, and researcher who have always been passionate about teaching and writing in Arabic language, and exploring the beauty and eloquence of her mother tongue.

Born in Syria, educated in France, and currently living in the United States, Marah Bukai has worked to build bridges across cultures. As a professor, a writer, and an advocate for change, Bukai strives to build cross-cultural understanding through her work and her poetry.

Bukai received her BA of Arts, Department of Languages and French Literature, from Damascus University in Syria, and Her MA in Arabic and Islamic Civilization Studies from University of Strasbourg in France.
Bukai has five publications of poetry, and her most recent book of poetry “O” was published by Waref Publishing House in DC.

Marah Bukai’s “O” is a unique collection of poignant poems, delving into the infinite anomalies of the world. Tackling issues of religion, sexuality, and self identity, Bukai accentuates the injustice and hypocrisy plaguing today’s humanity.

Fighting the corruption of politics and power, Marah Bukai shouts attention to the deceit of fundamentalism, extremism, and nationalism. Using images of love and war, Bukai paints a masterpiece of emotion; highlighting the pain she feels for the suffering of humanity and the anger she feels towards the causes of such suffering.
Crossing borders between the east and the west, Bukai’s poems emphasize the universality of the human condition within the context of a Middle Eastern writing style. Rich with diverse metaphors and multicultural symbolism, her poetry uncovers the core causes of social ills and demands change.

Marah Bukai’s global vision sends a message to the world. Recognizing the lack of tolerance on all levels of society, Bukai confronts the growing disparity between differing ideologies with a voice of reason and understanding. Her ability to synthesize the complexities of the socio-political situation in the Middle East into poetry allows the reader to become acquainted with the rugged emotionality of conflict.

Through the eyes and from the heart of this Arab woman we can all experience the struggles which have strengthened her and the passions which are exuded from her. With a mind open to the world and a voice calling for change, Marah Bukai shows us what it means to feel.

Bukai is a journalist who writes on cultural, political, and contemporary Islamic issues in Arabic and English newspapers, journals and websites. She worked for the last four years as the Senior Editor of “Hi” magazine, which is a cultural magazine that addresses American culture topic, written in Arabic language, with more than 300.000 readers all over 23 Arab countries.

Bukai has recently nominated by the CAMPUS WATCH project of the Middle East Forum as one of the most thoughtful and balanced scholars among the Middle East Studies faculties in North America.

Bukai has taught Arabic and French language at DLS institute in Arlington VA, and Berlitz School in DC. She is a part time professor of Arabic Language, a Faculty researcher, and an occasionally lecturer on Arabic culture and politic at the University of Maryland , College Park (UMCP), and Georgetown University (CCPE).

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