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Press Release
Al Waref Press Room

CIDCM recognizes Al Waref Istitute for  its joint nomination of faculty members Edy Kaufman and Manuel Hassassain as February's "Figure of the Month" for their innovative co-teaching and collaborative scholarship on conflict resolution.

Al-Waref writes in Figure of the Month: "Dr. Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian ambassador, professor, and peace builder, and Dr. Edy Kaufman, Israeli activist, professor, peace builder, have long been working together to promote cooperative partnered education. They both strive daily to promote peace within their own communities and between their communities through dialogue, consensus building, and co-teaching a course on Conflict Resolution: The Palestinian-Israeli Experiment at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland. These educators have continuously come together during the summer for 14 years, as living proof, that cooperation and partnership is possible and necessary if peace is to be attained for Israelis and Palestinians."

CIDCM specializes in applying state of the art research methods -- both qualitative and quantitative -- for addressing timely and central questions about key topics in international conflict and development. Many of the center’s projects feature extensive use of statistical modeling techniques in studies ranging from forecasting political instability to analyzing trends in international conflict to tracking patterns in global democratization. Other research at the center works to develop quantitative indicators for measuring various aspects of state characteristics. CIDCM researchers have applied qualitative approaches for examining strategies for conflict mitigation and management as well as assessing the operations of peace-building organizations.

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