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Al Waref's Founder to Participate in Atlas Liberty Forum 2009 PDF Print E-mail

Press Release
Al Waref Press Room

Marah Bukai, Al Waref's founder and Senior Media Adviser at Minbar Alhurriyya, will participate in Atlas Liberty Forum that will be held in Los Angeles, on April 24-26Th 2009.

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation's Liberty Forum brings together people from all over the world who want to share ideas for building freer societies. The event includes sessions on think tank management and current policy challenges and solutions. Atlas will also announce the winners of the 20th Annual Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Awards and the recipients of the 2009 Dorian & Antony Fisher Venture Grants.  

Keynote Speakers:

- Vicente Fox served as President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006

Fox is the first candidate from the opposition party to be elected president since 1920, he garnered 42 percent of the vote, marking the first time that the then- dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party has lost a presidential election. Under his leadership, the country experienced a stretch of fundamental economic strength and stability. Since Leaving office, Vicente Fox has been involved in public speaking and in the development of Centro Fox, a center for the advancement of study and democracy that encourages a sense of commitment and solidarity among the Mexican population.  President Fox will give the keynote address and the Sir Antony Fisher Memorial Awards dinner on April 26th.

- Jorge Fernando Quiroga is former President of Bolivia (2001-2002)

 Prior to serving in government, Quiroga worked in the private sector for IBM, in Austin, Texas, and Mintec, Bolivia’s leading mining consulting firm. In 1989 he became Under-Secretary of Public Investment and International Cooperation, and in 1992 he became Minister of Finance.  Thereafter, he was named governor of the World Bank, IFC,IMF, as well as the Andean Development Corporation (CAF).  In 1998, at age 37, he was elected Vice President, making him the youngest VP inthe history of Bolivia. In 2001, Quiroga succeeded Hugo Banzer as President of Bolivia. President Quiroga will give the Keynote address at the Liberty Forum Luncheon on April 25th.
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