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Fifteen Murdered and Three Women Raped in Homs PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 May 2012 11:24

Fifteen deformed bodies and three raped women were admitted to the sole hospital in Homs after raids on Shammas neighborhood bay regime forces Thursday night, activist from the city reported.

The mutilated bodies of 15 locals with some missing parts and some decapitated were admitted to Bisan hospital, the only functioning hospital in the city run by the Palestinian Red Crescent. The three women, all from Shammas, were violated by the Shabiha (Syrian regime’s paramilitary forces) and security forces last night.

The security forces along with the Shabiha militia raided homes and randomly arrested around 300 people.

Among the dead was the Imam of the mosque in Shammas. He was forced to turn himself in after the security forces arrested his wife. He was later found with his tongue, ears and fingers chopped off by the Shabiha forces before they beheaded him. His wife was raped.

The UN Monitors visited the neighborhood in the aftermath of the killings, but the security forces prevented them from entering the hospital, activists reported. The monitors walked around the neighborhood, and took pictures of the burial site, said an unnamed source due to security concerns.

The activists report that the locals now feel the soft hands of the UN monitors, and some believe that the monitors are siding with the regime.

The unnamed source also reported that the locals approached the monitors informing them about the wounded who were still in the hospital, and the deceased were registered in a special record.

The locals urged the monitors to interview the doctors at the hospital to record their testimony. The security officer in charge of the hospital prevented access to the facility and he was heard saying “this is the PRC, and it has nothing to do with the events.” The source reported.

One of the UN monitors is reported to have advised the activists in the area to leave the site for their own protection, and the monitors themselves left.

The Syrian Minister of Health has ordered earlier that all PRC hospitals and clinics should be closed within 15 days stating that they were not licensed to work. The head of the PRC in Damascus was informed of the decision.

The PRC hospital attends to the wounded as well as regular patients, including children vaccinations that should be provided by the Syrian Health Ministry.

The PRC hospitals were permitted to operate in Syria by an old presidential decree.


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