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The SOFA Agreement:Between (the Slogan) and the Interest of Iraqis PDF Print E-mail
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by: Dr. Mohamad  El- Tai
Exclusive for Al Waref 

For decades, Hong Kong was under the British Crown; and, through all those years, China seeks to take it back to be, again, part of the Chinese Empire;

and when that happened, it was allowed, for its population to possess British Citizenship and migrate to Britain (The Colonialist as named by Chinese press). Where upon, a lot  of Hong Kong's population went to Britain and settled there; and another part of them went to get British Nationality and returned to Hong Kong (Their county of origin) to live as British (fellows) rather than Chinese ; although Hong Kong has returned to the mother- country !!.

  When (Suriname) formerly known as Guyana became independent from the colonial (as called by oppositions) state (Holland), most of its inhabitants migrated to Holland and abandoned their independent country and moved to live in Holland.

  The people of Gibraltar, a zone under the British Crown preferred, through a popular referendum to remain under the British Crown.
Most Arab and neighboring countries have security agreements with the United States. Countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt (the mother of the Arabic nationalism!!), Jordan and Turkey are included also.

 Those agreements were concluded some time ago; and there are military bases in states like Qatar and Bahrain. The United States have some classified agreements with some countries; and security cooperation with the rest of the Arab states. But a close follow-up to the statements made by some officials in neighboring countries, as well as, through the official or semi-official media in those countries, one can reach a conclusion that all the security agreements between the Arab states and the United states are licit; while the strategic agreement between Iraq and the United States is illicit; in accordance to the daily and weekly programs in the satellite channels of neighboring countries. As well as some articles written in some official or private newspapers in the same Arab states that have American bases on their soil, besides having security agreements with the United States.

  As we want to stay and live in our Home-land (IRAQ), and we do not want to emigrate again or start a new exodus as the people of Hong Kong, Suriname and other places did. Therefore its is the duty of our politicians, our  political bloc leaders, our parliament and our Iraqi Government to sign (The Agreement) away from slogans, biddings and cheers which made the people starve and filled the paunch of the governments that ruled Iraq.

 Yes they ought not to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors, because the agreement, at least, in its announced details is in the interests of the Iraqi People in all respects. So, after signing it, Iraq will become a member of (WTO), which will improve our economy; and a member in the (NATO), that will make us feel that there is someone to defend us in the face of threats, intervention and even attacks on parts of our borders. In signing it, our students can go for higher studies in the universities of the greatest scientific country (America) as well as, that our traveling people will not have to wait long at airports and borders, but will be respected. Through signing this agreement, the second party (i.e. America) will recognize the first party (i.e. Iraq) and work on taking it out from under article (7); and regain our sovereignty, (a word)  which was repeated by some of our politicians as often as it is mentioned in the agreement.

 Iraq needs strategic allies, which he will find in the allied and friendly countries, that are strong, stable, scientifically advanced and technologically developed like the United States, Britain and the European Union; as the Gulf States has done, away from vulnerable and slogans' dictatorial states like Syria, Libya, Sudan and others.
  It is not for the Iraqis, but to sign the agreement, because some objectors (who oppose it) express the visions of regional and neighboring countries, who do not want for Iraq to sign the agreement, on the grounds of those (objecting) countries will loss a great deal.

 It is (obvious) that Iraq will become a strong state economically, advanced scientifically and technologically and has a stable security situation simply because it is not Somalia.  It is Iraq a country with two fortunes: the natural resources and the people.


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