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State of Anxiety: Al Hurra TV for Change PDF Print E-mail


by Marah Bukai
Exclusive for Al Waref

"In the beginning was the word." And in the beginning of the rising American nation was the constitution, emanating the values of human rights, freedom, and democracy. Thus was born a nation based on pluralism; advocating justice and equality for all people. These pillars of humanity are the dream of a great portion of the significant “Silent” majority of the Arab and Muslim world.

U.S. Public Diplomacy and Foreign Policy in the Arab World* PDF Print E-mail

By Lee H. Hamilton

Our task in public diplomacy is to tell the truth about America as persuasively and widely as possible – about our policies, our values, our ideals, and – yes – even our shortcomings. Obviously we want to cast ourselves in the best light. But we must do so in a spirit of truth and dialogue. The emphasis must not be America speaking at the world, but rather America speaking with the world.


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