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Discipline with Murder and Torture is a High Price for Women to Pay Print E-mail
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Courtesy of Land Center for Human Rights
On the occasion of the world day for women

The Land Center issues a new  report deals with the monitoring incidents of violence against women published in the press during the second half of 2008 .

The report aims to identify violence against women through the monitoring and analysis of the content of the Egyptian press. It was found that incidents of abuse and violence against women have reached (254) crimes of violence, resulting in the death (145) women, and the number of kidnappings and sexual assaults on women - both within the family or the community - have reached (48) incidents, domestic violence against women (7) accidents, marital differences (41) incidents, neglect in health care for women is represented in (34) incidents, suicide represented (23) incidents, road accidents and other incidents that do not fall within the any of the previous classifications included (33) incidents, murder represented (56) cases, and there have been some cases of official violence against the rights of women documented with (11) cases. The report has also been monitoring the situation of violence against working women.

The first section of this report reviews sexual assaults on women, which were represented in (48) cases, which have resulted in incidents of violence on the results, including sexual assault associated with robbery, kidnapping and indecent assault, sexual assault was the theft in (6) accidents. It notes the increasing incidence of kidnapping and gang rape, where formed (22) rape of people arrived for the 6 males with abducting the girl and the sexual assault and one of her homes for long periods of time beyond the days where rotated by sexual abuse and then lay out at the street. Also notes the existence of the crimes of rape of a mentally Mtkhalaftan girls (those with special needs) were accompanied snagged in the non-rape!!. As noted by many of the taxi drivers of abducting and raping young girls on their own or with others. Also been detected for the crime of sexual harassment, which occurred a mass of girls during the Eid al-Fitr and engineers, which was the most prominent results of a new version of the law punishable crime of sexual harassment. In addition to the existence of the crime of sexual harassment is also a collective day of Eid El-Mahalla province where dozens of youths harassing a tradition for young girls in the capital city of Cairo !!. The most abused groups of women bringing the number of housewives (42) woman, while there was (3) dancers, two students and two female workers and the host, an engineer, a pharmacist and a nurse and a woman and a worker of the hairdresser and director. It is found through monitoring the number of females was sexually abused (56) woman. The number of male perpetrators of violence were (141), said roughly.
The second section of the report reviews domestic violence against women, which amounted to (7) cases, and led to the deaths at the hands of her brother, sister, and (3) crimes of attempted murder, wounding, and (3), other women. The variety of reasons, domestic violence between the uncertainty in the behavior or physical differences, family or incest or pregnancy to prevent them from returning to her husband or for converting to Islam, or because a stray bullet. The more crimes committed against women in the pretext of suspicion or physical differences in the behavior on the part of relatives of the brother or husband. The number of abused women (7) women. While the number of male-perpetrated violence (10) males and (2) Female. The perpetrator of the violence linked to the assailant them the brother of the ladies (6) incidents, and all of the husband's mother and sister of one incident only.

The third section of the report covers incidents of violence resulting from family disputes that reached (41) where a crime of violence by the husband to the killing (31) in addition to the mother-wife (2) and one daughter, then the total number of women dead, the result of family disputes (34). The motives of most of the differences were due to physical differences (because of money home), or between spouses or family because of the uncertainty in the conduct or for refusing to leave or to the suffering of my husband's illness, or refusal to use it to establish an illegal relationship with others, or motivated by revenge, or for refusing to return to free, others due to unknown reasons. These  incidents of violence have the results of most of the killing and injury, arson and attempted murder, some of which amounted to murder in prison for wives (31) crime, and murder of sludge and the crime of murder and one daughter, while the risk of physical abuse (12) incident. The number of abused women (47) woman. While the number of male perpetrators of violence (45) said. The most abused women are bringing the number of houses (38) a woman was assaulted and the others were female servant, writer and student, school and working and the library. The perpetrator of the violence linked to them by the aggressor is the husband or the women in addition to some free people of the instigators of the husband. It is noted by monitoring the presence of (4) crimes in which the former husband to kill his ex-wife because of its refusal to refer to the married and the marital home, and the situation led to the beating of permanent disability from his ex-wife for free. Though the husband (absolute) continue to be regarded as his ex-wife's private property has to do what he wants and when does not agree to go back to the life of violence, abuse, beatings and punishes it with death and torture of the rejection of claims is that life!!!. Also a variety of methods of killing are among the slaughtering knife, murder dropped caustic chemicals or boiling water or by pouring kerosene and setting fire burned, and severely beaten to death, and dumping from the balcony, and smashed the head with a sharp instrument, and the strangulation death. There has been a murder took place on the heads of objects, where one spouse has in the fire to burn his wife to everyone in the family court, where he poured kerosene and set fire to his wife after the proceedings in court, thus the maintenance of burns in front of everyone!!. The second offense in which the husband to kill his wife the knife and tearing her body in a public position, Ahmed Helmi and for all!!. As for the reasons for husbands to kill their wives have been with the couples in the reasons for killing their wives is the attention and surprise together, Vohdhm the murder of his wife with caustic because of the lack of sugar purchased desalination tea!, And another was killed because of his exit without permission!, And a third knife to slaughter his wife because of the mastery of the art of cooking! And beating her husband, another was severely beaten and led to the death of the disposal of his mobile phone without permission from the !!!!!!, What is most surprising is the court's ruling on the husband in the last 7 years in jail (you do not !!!!!!! !!!!). When the lost wife of an innocent spirit of caring for her husband and her children by mobile phone and the husband gets 7 years for the criminal to kill a partner of his life .. I believe that a stimulus of each pair go to violence in order to fool his wife, given the price paid for Undervaluing uxoricide!!.

The fourth section of the report deals with the murder of women that reached (56) murders, both within the family or the community, addressed the first focus premeditated murders of women in the family, which amounted to (33) crime, and for a variety of reasons Kalchuk in behavior or misconduct, theft or the fear of exposing the relationship taboo or physical differences, family or out of revenge or to make a notorious serial killer, or the grounds of discipline or because of extreme jealousy or frequent absences from home, or mental illness or injury due to stray rounds. The number of abused women (35) woman. While the number of male perpetrators of violence (30) male and (7), females. It was more abused women are bringing the number of houses (29) woman and a secretary and dancer, and vendor and a worker and a maid. It is noted in the monitoring of the crimes that the perpetrators of violence are more the brother to his sister's (8) crimes, the son of his mother's (6) crimes, the father of his daughter in (4) crimes, and both the mother and the son of Sister (3) crimes, and all of the Sister The son of the cousin's wife and father and the son of the aunt and the brother of the husband and the son of the husband and wife, husband, son and daughter and the son of the brother of the husband and the murder of a relative one. The second axis has reviewed the murders of women in society has been monitoring (23) murder of women, has a variety of reasons, including murder and robbery to sexual assault or fear of exposing the relationship taboo or physical differences, or out of revenge or the result coincides with the presence of the victim during a fight or disagreement that . The number of abused women (25) woman was killed. While the number of male perpetrators of violence (27) male and (4) females. It was more abused women are bringing the number of houses (16) woman and two female workers and two students and a university professor and a female and she and fiance dancer.

The fifth section of the report deals with incidents of suicide of women that reached (23) girls and a woman, who succeeded (16) were already in the loss of lives, while there was a (17) a woman attempted to commit suicide and failed. The varied causes of the violence directed to women themselves Vohmha myself suffering from a disease or from the unit or for its refusal to annul or engaged by the calibration of the neighbors or to the differences of marital, family or neighbors, or by feelings of persecution or lack of attention to a whole human being rather the victim, or to compel it to establish relations with men or sexually assaulted. The violence resulted in the most important outcome of death or injury, fractures or injuries or poisoning, or arson deaths amounted to (16) cases, the accidents were injury (17) case. The most groups of women affected were housewives (19) housewife and student, and the female social worker and a doctor and a worker.

The sixth section of the report deals with negligence in health care in government hospitals and private investment on the part of doctors and hospital officials and staff of nurses and others who arrived (34) incident in the neglect of health care for women led to the death (11) woman for medical negligence and error to give drugs or devices used by the failure to diagnose cases, or because of the absence of doctors in hospitals or doctors because of the negligence. Neglect has resulted in events, including death, injury or permanent disability, or other multi-body injury, leading to incidents of neglect and death (11) woman (dead), and injury (24) Another woman who had some serious injuries to the left after the victim. The most abused women are bringing the number of houses (28) homemaker and (3) employees, two nurses and a doctor and author of the business. It was found that the number of male perpetrators of violence (34), said roughly, (3) females.

The seventh section of the report deals with violence because of women's employment that have resulted in incidents like, the suicide of the ninth floor of the house because the owner of torture and lack of restriction and enable them to get out of the house itself, making it received from the balcony of the house to be killed on the spot.

The eighth section of the report monitors violence against women and the official that reached (11) cases by the police officers or secretaries or police informants or officials of government bodies because of the failure of police to perform their duties or abuse their part or on the ground in the drug trafficking or to the killing of children Some of the other courtesies due to police each other. This has resulted in violence events, including two deaths and the incidence of physical or psychological integrity (9) cases. The most groups of abused women were (8) housewives, workers, and student and a maid. The number of abused women (11) Female, while the number of perpetrators of violence (24), said roughly.

The ninth section of the report deals with road accidents and various other attacks on women, who arrived in (33) and the incident led to the deaths (24) woman was the motive behind the revenge or the differences between a group of people or of theft or physical differences, others due to the attack animals or women imbalance or leakage of gas or insane, or the speed as it crossed a railway or to the collapse of real estate or to escape from one of the people. Such incidents resulted into death, injury, drowning or burning and led to the death (24) a woman and wounded (21) another woman. The most abused women are (37) homemaker and (4) and female nurses and female social worker and the anchor. The number of male perpetrators of violence, bringing the number (22) male and (5) females.

In the end, the report reviews some of the recommendations, including:
• The Egyptian legislation should be amended to conform with international laws and general principles of non-discrimination against women in particular, laws, penalties and imprisonment rates and the removal of the Government's reservations to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination.
• The must of criminalizing all forms of violence against women, whether official or community in the Penal Code.
• The must to review the curricula of education and information to exclude all types of violence and uphold the values of equality and non-discrimination against women.
• The must to support the economic, social and civil rights for poor women workers in the informal sector to be provided with jobs and decent housing, social insurance, pension and health insurance, up to coincide with the high price of living and to provide decent health units in rural areas.
• The must of organizing a national campaign urging the government via the media, in partnership with citizens, associations and parties to change the negative image of women in society.
• Journalists should be urged to pay attention to issues and problems of Egyptian women through the formation of positive attitudes towards violence against women and to address the accidents of newspapers objectively and without charge prior to it.

Finally, the Center calls for all institutions of civil society and members of the local people's congresses to work together to stop violence against women who are the present and future of our country.

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