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Institutional Change in Africa: From Imitation to Innovation Imprimer

By: Hisham el Moussaoui
Exclusive for Al Waref
Translation Editor: Jennifer Young

Despite the institutional reforms undertaken in the 1980s and 1990s, African countries are still in a time behind that of other more developed nations.

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Educational Reform: What Does it Mean? PDF Imprimer E-mail

by Tarek Heggy. 
Exclusive for Alwaref
A consensus of opinions, vociferously expressed in articles, lectures, talk shows and informal conversations, holds that educational reform is the key to society’s salvation, the lifeboat that can take us from our dismal present towards a brighter future.

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Sustainable Development PDF Imprimer E-mail

Sustainable development is a strategy by which communities seek economic development approaches that also benefit the local environment and quality of life. It has become an important guide to many communities that have discovered that traditional approaches to planning and development are creating...

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