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Lundi, 08 Septembre 2014 18:50

The Syrian activist for women and children rights, Mrs. Raja Khouja launched the Syrian Republican Party’s campaign Give Me A Pen and I Shall Give You Peace at 7/9/2014 in coordination with several activists and a group of prominent figures in British society who participated in the campaign to support the children of Syria.

Revd. David Randolph-Horn, Dr. Jan Betts, Mrs. Sarah Fishwick, Mrs. Hannah Langdana, Mrs. Ruth Hutchison, Mrs. Rachel Parks, Mr. Jon Dorsett, Mr Paul Magnall and Mrs. Penny and a group of other friends supporting child protection who attended with their children, specially to support children in Syria.  They held signs saying: "We are the children of Britain. Stand with the children of Syria and support them to return to school."  They also supported the Syrian Republican Party campaign: "Give me a pen and I shall give you peace".

Finally the activist Raja Khouja welcomed all present and thanked them for their participation in this campaign.  She said that the presence of the participants shows the great history of the English people and their noble and humanitarian attitude.

Give Me A Pen and I Shall Give You Peace is an initiative of the Syrian Republican Party that aims to collect school supplies to help Syrian children back to schools.



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