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Extremism in Balance Lecture PDF Imprimer E-mail
Lundi, 16 Mars 2015 15:18

Alwaref Institute is co-sponsoring with Georgetown University a lecture under the title: Extremism in Balance, on Monday, March 16, 6:00-8:30 at The Georgetown University Conference Center.

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The International Day of Hunger Strike PDF Imprimer E-mail
Letter to Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton in the occasion of the International Day of Hunger-strike launched by American Syrian women on Saturday, 22nd of September,in solidarity with the Syrian people.
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Al Waref Institute for Humanitarian Studies & the American-Libyan Council (ALC) Unite in Partnership PDF Imprimer E-mail


Press Release

The Al Waref Institute for Humanitarian Studies and the American-Libyan Council (ALC), headquartered in Washington D.C., have entered into partnership and cooperation under the leadership of Al Waref founder Marah Bukai and  the American-Libyan Council president Fadel Lamen.

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Letter to Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton PDF Imprimer E-mail

 Please sign the letter sent by Al Waref and Tharwa Organizations to Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clintonr to  urge her to raise the case of  the political prisoner Tal Al-Mallouhi  with Mr. Moallem, the Syrian Foreign Minister, at their upcoming meeting.

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Alert! Release Tal al-Mallouhi! PDF Imprimer E-mail


Al Waref  Institute for the Release of Blogger Tal al-Mallouhii!

Al Waref Institute is joining the The World Youth Movement for Democracy 's appeal for the release of young Syrian Blogger, Tal al-Mallouhi, who is only 19 years of age. Her mother said that security agents arrested Tal in December and confiscated her computer and since then she “has not heard from her.”

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EVENT: Al Waref Institute Presents: PDF Imprimer E-mail
Mercredi, 13 Janvier 2010 01:47

An International Evening

Georgetown University
       Washington DC

Thursday, January 21
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Al Waref Statement on the Fort Hood Shooting Incident PDF Imprimer E-mail
Mercredi, 11 Novembre 2009 22:13
Fort Hood Memorial 
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Al Bahra Joins Al Waref as VP PDF Imprimer E-mail
Vendredi, 04 Septembre 2009 02:38

Al Waref Press Room

Hadi Al Bahra, CEO of TechnoMedia, Ltd and 4D Solutions FZC, Ltd, has joined Al Waref Institute as its Vice President.

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