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Can A Christian Learn from Ramadan? Imprimer E-mail
Mercredi, 26 Août 2009 15:01

By Yvonne R. Davis, Member of Al Waref Advisory Board
Courtesy Huffington Post

What can Christians learn from Muslims during Ramadan? Is there wisdom that can be obtained from the 30-day fast – one of Islam’s five Pillars?

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Satellite Moon & Ramadan Imprimer E-mail
Dimanche, 30 Août 2009 08:18

By Richard Mc Sweeney- Al Waref Advisory Board
Exclusive for Al Waref

Assalamu alaikum - Peace be with you.
These nights when I gaze up at the moon my mind is transported back to lovely Jeddah, and to the privilege I had of having witnessed the sacred month of Ramadan in the Holy Land.

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The Soft Power Imprimer E-mail

By Brian R. Parkinson, Ph.D.
Al Waref Exclusive
The recent events in Iran produced two distinct reactions in the United States.  On the one hand, some political pundits (generally on the political right) thought that President Obama should take a firmer stance condemning the aggressive actions of the Iranian government following what was clearly a very flawed and fraudulent election.

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Liberal Syrian Intellectual Georges Tarabishi: Without Secularism, There Can Be No Democracy Imprimer E-mail
Mardi, 07 Juillet 2009 03:36
George Tarabishi
This interview was conducted by the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Georges Tarabishi, a prominent liberal Syrian intellectual living in France, spoke about democracy in the Arab world, the fundamentalist challenge, and secularism. He argued that just as secularism emerged in Europe as a remedy to Protestant-Catholic sectarianism, so it is needed in the Arab world to overcome sectarian divisions and pave the way for a democratic future.
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The Drama of the "lslamists" Imprimer E-mail
Samedi, 04 Juillet 2009 18:58

By Tarek Heggy
Exclusive for Al Waref

I have often tried to imagine a scenario in which what I call the 'Islamists' will have achieved all their objectives. The scenario assumes that Osama bin Laden or someone like him get their way and proceed to impose their vision of what the Muslim world should be on the rest of us.

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Separation of Religion and State in the Muslim World Imprimer E-mail

By Elias Aoun
Exclusive for Al WAref
What does “the separation of religion and state” mean? To avoid any misunderstanding about what a person is suggesting, proposing, or opposing, it would be wise to define the terms being used..  What does “the separation of religion and state” mean?

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Iran’s Vote: Understanding the U.S. Response Imprimer E-mail
Lundi, 15 Juin 2009 20:37

Al Waref Staff Analysis

Despite the dire situation of reformers protesting in Tehran's streets, the current U.S. neutral approach to the issue might be exactly the correct one.


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Jeanne d'Arc of Tehran Imprimer E-mail
Lundi, 22 Juin 2009 23:41

By Yvonne R. Davis
Exclusive for Al Waref

“Cut down in your prime, your death is more powerful than their lives.”


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